Why your Business should be Blogging and which Tools to use.

In the past few years digital marketing and its importance for a business’ marketing strategy developed significantly.  Tools like social media platforms (Google+, Facebook etc.), hashtags, Search Engine Optimization or Google AdWords easily come to your mind when thinking about digital marketing. But have you ever considered ‘Blogging’ as a tool for your business? Not as far as I am concerned.  Looking for a new topic for my next blog post  I could hardly find any business related blogs in the confectionery industry.  The only blog I could find was ‘Bahlsen’s Delicious Blog’. On their blog they organize their book club, inform about competitions or introduce new campaigns.

Bahlsen Blog

Blogging can be a very useful and handy tool. It helps driving traffic to your website, helps converting this traffic into leads, helps establishing authority by answering common questions that your leads and customers have and drives your long-term results because you can actually get traffic from one particular blog post for days, weeks, months or even years.

Are you considering a blog for your business now? Yes? Cindy King shared ‘9 blogging tools  every blogger should be using’ with regard to enhancing your blog, help with marketing or help to focus.

#1 Use Buzz Somo

Buzz Somo helps you to quickly identify what content is working well in your industry and who are the key influencers. You can use it for content brainstorming or planning blogger email outreach and social media marketing campaigns. Moreover you can identify your most popular blog posts, look for articles of a particular author, see which one did well on social media or see which links any Twitter account is using.

Buzz Somo

#2 Stay Focused

The Stay Focused App is an app that allows you to block websites of your choice and to determine how long you can actually spend on your blocked websites. Furthermore  you can schedule your blocked and allowed sites by day.  You can block your email, stop yourself from posting on Facebook or checking Twitter. Overall this app is a great tool that will help you staying focused on researching for and writing your blog post.

#3 Add from Server

Do you often upload large audio or video files? Have you then ever come across the issue of not being able to upload a particular file because it was not included in your media library? Then ‘Add from Server’ is THE right tool for you. It enables you to import any file you have uploaded into the WordPress media library.

#4 Easy Tweet Embed

Are you using Twitter for your business as well or do you consider Twitter a useful tool to interact with your customer?  Then you might like this: Easy Tweet Embed helps you to include pre-populated tweets in your blog posts and makes it easier for your readers to retweet your blog posts.


#5 Easy Pricing Tables

Easy Pricing Tables helps you if you want to sell memberships for premium content on your blog. You can create tables which show the different pricing options, customize each column number, colour and CSS.
This tool convinces with its simple application and the possibility to use it on your phone and mobile platforms as well.

#6 Internet Archive

Internet Archive might be the right tool for you if you like doing audio blogging or podcasting. The site lets you store audio files at no charge that might be too big for storing on PodOmatic or SoundCloud. The upload process is very easy to learn and navigate.

#7 Namechk

Confusing name but great tool! When launching a blog for your business you want to make sure that all social media platforms relating to your name are available. Namechk helps you with checking the availability of desired url names on all social media platforms and even suggests similar domain options if your preferred one is not available.

#8 Easelly

Easel.ly  helps you creating visual content for your blog. It has a lot of templates in store and you simply drag and drop elements, add your text and change colours to the way you prefer.

#9 Markdown Quicktags

This last tool simplifies the formatting process if you are writing your blog post outside your blog domain, e.g. WordPress. Just install ‘Markdown Quicktags‘ plugin and learn how to write posts using multi-markdown symbols.
All you have to do is copy your text from the draft document, paste in into the ‘Text’ view of WordPress and click Render. The plugin automatically converts your content into the desired formatted copy.

What do you think? Have you heard of any of these tools before? Which one seems most useful to you? Let me know in the comments below and subscribe to my blog.

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