LinkedIn – a great opportunity to promote your social brand

Social Media changed and increased significantly over the past few years. Not only the number of all the different social media channels available but also the opportunities social media has in store to promote a business’ products or services or to simply promote and manage your own social brand.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, XING or LinkedIn are only some of the social media platforms that enable businesses to connect with birds of a feather, to build professional networks, to share news, to introduce new products or brands and to expand their degree of fame.


Researching all the different kinds of social media channels available and their different distribution, it becomes clear that Germany, including the sweets industry, has not discovered the benefits of LinkedIn yet.

Looking for key persons of my target industry, the German sweets industry, I had a really hard time finding relevant persons or saying it even more drastically a hard time finding any person from the business I was looking for.  German employees from big sweet companies like Haribo, Ferrero or Lindt & Sprüngli are slightly represented with personal profiles or groups on LinkedIn.

At this point you probably ask yourself why you should bother and add one more social media platform to your long list of different platforms and how to set up a correct and efficient LinkedIn profile?

LinkedIn is the biggest business network worldwide and it helps specialists and executives with the care of existing and the development of new business contacts. Furthermore LinkedIn simplifies job-hunting in foreign countries and enables job-seeker to post detailed job advertisements.


Did the benefits of LinkedIn convince you to join the network but you are overwhelmed with all the information and do not know where to start?

Gerry Moran  explains in his article ‘How to create the perfect LinkedIn profile blueprint’  which steps to take and what to consider while setting up a remarkable profile on LinkedIn.  To create a remarkable profile on LinkedIn you have to have a completed profile. A completed, remarkable profile requires the following aspects:

1. A picture – use a professional-like close up shot that shows you with a smiling face.

2. Experience – summarize your most relevant experiences and avoid the report of your whole CV.

3. Skills and Expertise – list 10 of your core skills.

4. Education – list your degrees and include your executive education.

5. Headline – describe YOURSELF to make it easier for others to find you.

6. Summary – speak in the first person, tell your story and personalize your profile.

7. Publications – list your blogs, papers and anything published.

8. Recommendations – try to secure as many as you can.

Are you feeling a little less overwhelmed now and ready to create your own profile? LinkedIn will be one for the key components to your social brand, the digital hub for your experience and network of past, present and future clients.


For more information or feedback check out the links below or simply leave me a comment.

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3. How to set up a winning LinkedIn profile.


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