Double your Social Media Content with half the Effort

In my past blog posts I have been pointing out social media as an indispensable and essential element for every business’ marketing strategy.  Saying so I am aware of the fact that keeping social media up to date, regular maintenance and finding the right content are rather time consuming.  Ferrero, Lindt or Bahlsen are popular businesses in the confectionery industry and they most likely cannot spend too much time on social media.
On account of this realization the question arises whether there are any advices or tools that would simplify integrating social media into your marketing strategy and finding content which is relevant to your customer.
Neil Patel shared ‘3 techniques that will double your social media content with half the effort‘.  Are you curious to find out how to make this happen – then keep on reading!

1) Create a Schedule.

As I said before social media requires consistent output and daily effort to keep up your brand message and presence in front of your customers all the time. You might run the risk of wasting your time by pausing your current task , working on social media and meanwhile losing your train of thought for the previous task or waste your time by having to reopen your tools and logging into your accounts over and over again.
Ideally you would deal with your social media in one single session of unbroken concentration. Scheduling is the key to your success and contains 3 basic components:

  • First, set aside a time in your calender to work on social media. A daily basis and about one up to three hours are considered to be most effective.
  • Second, do not only schedule the time you are actually spending on social media but also your posts. In this context make sure to follow your industry’s best practices with regard to the best time the day to post.
  • Third, analyse  your social media metrics. Include time in your schedule to ‘listen’ and find out what is working and what is not.

social media schedule

Scheduling your time, your posts and your listening will help you decreasing the effort you need to summon up for social media and increase the quality and quantity of your output.

2) Collect as you go.

Finding and posting the right content has been identified as the most time-consuming effort. As a leader in the confectionery industry you should post content that meets your customers’ needs and that actually engages them.  Do you remember Bahlsen’s blog which I was referring to in my last blog post?  They use competitions or an online book club discussion to engage their customers.

 Bahlsen Book Club        Bahlsen Competition

As a result you need  a collection system, a system that will simplify the process of collecting content for your post. You can choose from a great amount of different systems that will actually help collecting content. Evernote is only one of them that may be useful for you: You connect it with your Google Chrome browser, create a specific folder or file for the content that you would like collect and share later and simply click the Evernote button when you do come across something interesting in social media. In addition to this you can add several notes to it with regard to for example time of scheduling or simply add it to your Evernote bookmarks.

However you should not only set up a collection system for your content but also a time for discovering great content. Check out ‘Always have an amazing link to share‘ on Buffer and find out about the best places for great content.

3) Share it more than once.

Why not share the same post several times? Different people will see your different social media posts depending on the different times you post it. I tried it with my own blog posts and I did not get any complaints but instead more attention.

Twitter post 1

Twitter post 2

Don’t get me wrong: Social Media is not a waste of time. It can be a black hole of time wasting if you are doing it wrong but doing it right represents an investment in your overall business marketing efforts. In the end increasing your output while decreasing your effort makes you smarter, more productive and your blog overall more efficient.

Have you applied any of these advices yet or are you planning to? Let me know what you do to minimize your social media effort and to increase the quality of your blog.

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